Hello, I’m Rodeo

A Website Designer’s Best Friend

One Lazy Smart Dog

I’m Rodeo, and I’m in control of Smart Dog’s Sales & Marketing. Our goal is to help small businesses on a tight budget build their web presence, drive SEO, and if possible, create their Social image. When I’m not running the business, I’m napping on the couch. It’s not easy being a Smart Dog.

Website Design

The Dog says you need a website. The Cat says it’s expensive. Don’t listen to the cat. Cats don’t know anything about website design.

SEO Strategy

“Where’s the cat?” you say. How would I know? Surely you wouldn’t trust them with your SEO. That’s a Smart Dog’s job. Forget the stupid cat already.

Web Hosting

No one gets sent to the “cat house”. Our Smart Dog customers can get it all in one place. Website, SEO and Web Hosting. Your small business treated like a BIG DOG.

Website Analysis

You can’t figure out why the website the cat built for you isn’t driving traffic to your business. We can provide you with an analysis to help find what the cat lost.

Content Strategy

We can analyse your site traffic; compare that to your nearest cat, um, competitor and create a strategy that helps boost your site to generate more traffic.

Creative Copywriting

Can’t decide what to write? We can help you determine what keywords are  moving customers. We can then help you write better content than the cat. Where is the cat anyway?

Power Naps

Happy Clients

Dog Treats

Cups of Java- Tom needs a mention

Make Your business a Priority.

We certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

Getting visitors to your website is one thing. Getting them to buy your product or enlist your services is another. One of the frequently misunderstood thoughts among website owners is more traffic=more sales. NOT TRUE! The quality of traffic is important. A thorough Web Analysis is the starting point toward converting visitors to purchasers.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave your website from the Homepage without even looking at the rest of your website. Google’s analytics calculates this and uses it in its ranking statistics. This is not what you’re hoping for. Good web design mixed with good content helps drive you visitors throughout your website driving your traffic and conversions.

Drive More Traffic

A good Website Audit is the starting point. A review of your ranking, keyword analysis, competition analysis and other key focal points combined is what Smart Dog does when we design your website or can be ordered separately if you just don’t know why you aren’t seeing the traffic you expect.
Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

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